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One-day Team Workshop

From Conflict to Creative Teams

From Conflict to Creative Teams

Get better business results by leveraging cultural differences.

Tectonic geopolitical shifts (Brexit, globalization, nationalization, the rise of China's global influence, the withdrawal of the US from its traditional global leadership role) have major consequences for international business. Our co-workers are more diverse, our markets further from home, our suppliers and customers more diffuse. The established rules seem to be changing. How are you tackling this dynamic environment? Do you know how to get optimal results while trying to make sense of these challenges?

We are all surrounded by people from different cultures, but that doesn’t mean we have intercultural business skills. You are of the majority (i.e. perfectly normal!) if you didn’t realize that you’ve been missing out on opportunities to use cultural differences at work to be more productive and innovative - to even increase profits. Thankfully, you can change that. All it takes it a thirst for continuous improvement and progress.The results of our clients are proof that any motivated business person can learn practical, real-life techniques that make them a leader, able to solve seemingly insurmountable problems, and lead projects and teams in exciting directions. By participating in our trainings and workshops, clients have learned to form creator teams that deliver superior results:

  • Outsourced scrum teams that work synchronously with the home office.
  • International suppliers that have become like regular colleagues rather than one-off service providers.
  • Open dialogue with foreign business service suppliers that have shared laser-focus on common goals, and many more.

In short:

  • More effective and creative teams
  • Innovation boost
  • Improved communication
  • New markets, fresh talent
  • From conflict to creativity

Excitingly, these ‘creator teams’ consist of exactly the same managers and team members as before participated in our workshop. No change in personnel, but a change in perspective. Our workshops and training programs have helped our clients transform workplace performance by accessing the previously untapped talent of their ‘same old’ international team members, suppliers and clients, because of their inherent cultural diversity. You can do the same.

Every workplace is international. Even if your colleagues are local, your clients or suppliers can be global. Your company’s business success depends on your cultural adeptness. Join us to master the models and techniques you need to work adeptly with international colleagues and clients, and to get the superior, sustainable results enjoyed by Bril.Solutions’ corporate clients.

Some questions this workshop answers:

  • “How do I get my international project team to work together and deliver better results?”
  • “How can culture, of all things, play a role in business? Isn’t it all about the project deliverables?”
  • “I haven’t heard from our outsourcing agent in weeks, despite my calls and emails. What do I do?”
  • “I know cultural awareness is important - it’s a no-brainer. But our Financial Services won’t allow me to budget time for it. They say it’s 'too soft' and budgets are tight. How do I get my organization to support me?”
  • Read more here: Frequently Asked Questions about BRIL.Solutions’ workshops.

This workshop is for you if you are a(n):

  • Manager in an international environment
  • C-Suite / Executive
  • Project leader/manager
  • Business development professional
  • Sales professional

Your take-aways will be:

  • Gain: Discover our own clients’ successes from past training and workshops¹ and learn how their learning can help you.
  • Pain: Understand the risks of ignoring intercultural dynamics and how doing so affects your bottom line. You are losing money and missing opportunities by ignoring culture.
  • Practice the gain/pain concepts that are convincing to key decision-makers in your organization.
  • Master real-life tools, models and resources to succeed in any international environment.
  • Identify cultural differences accurately and recognize their influence on your business.
  • Know what steps to take after identifying cultural differences.
  • Know exactly what to do differently to get better results internationally - starting tomorrow.²

1. Case studies from our own clients IKEA, G4S, Dutch Railways (NS), Tata Steel, Nike, DSM, Reed Business Information (RELX Group), Starbucks and many more.
2. Disclaimer: your results will depend on your own preparation, participation, and application of the knowledge gained in this workshop. We provide the tools; you do the work.


Pre-workshop preparation
  • Benchmark your skills with the Intercultural Readiness Check (IRC - one of the leading tools for assessing your intercultural competences).
  • Write a business case from your own experience (we will help you, based on our predefined criteria).
Workshop - morning
  • Context: learn the fundamentals of culture and cultural awareness.
  • Value chain road map: analyze the quality of your business ecosystem. What’s my road map for getting better results from my team? My colleagues? My suppliers? My clients?   
  • Personal road map: where do you fit in? What’s your personal bias? What’s my road map for improving my own international performance?
Workshop - afternoon
  • Bridging: Establishing the ‘why’ - how to find common ground.
  • Defining tools, models, structure for going forward and learning to use them once back at work.
  • Establish clear, measurable business goals for follow-up.
  • Concrete steps to embed your learning into your organization.
  • Apply what you’ve learned: chart your progress and check back for guidance.
  • Personal coaching (for a limited duration) is included in the workshop price.
Results Your participation in this workshop gives you lifetime access to the BRIL.Solutions online database of tools, resources and case studies. With your permission, your results will be entered in our database. Your results will provide the basis for other’s learning.


Your facilitators and hosts

Leo Salazar is a certified business coach and trainer, who graduated from the University of Twente (the Netherlands) TSM Business School (MBA, 1995) and is an associate of the renowned leadership institute De Baak (the Netherlands). He partners with executives, project team leaders and corporate groups to align their performance with the requirements of their customers, suppliers and organizations, including IKEA, G4S, Dutch Railways (NS), Tata Steel, Nike, DSM, Reed Business Information (RELX Group), Starbucks and many more. .

Saarah Choudhury is a BRIL.Solutions Associate. A well-travelled graduate of University College London (UCL), she has extensive experience within retail management at Covent Garden, one of the world’s most international sales locations. Her multicultural background and expertise provide the company with clear insight into the realities of progressive interaction within international environments.