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A 45-minute session that gets you the information you MUST know before stepping into the international arena. Based on a brief Quick Scan and your personal input during our call, you will come away with key knowledge about how to do even more successful business with your client in their country, at their event, in their culture.

This session will be tailored to your specific sales call, and you will be using the knowledge you learned while it's fresh in your mind. We highly recommend you schedule your session 1-2 weeks prior to the event (see our timeline planning at the bottom of this page).


  • Pre-session Quick Scan: what does YOUR potential client demand?
  • Laser focus on the country and client YOU are engaging, giving you exactly the information you need to know. 
  • Perfect your pitch: are you speaking your client’s language?
  • How to win clients and close sales: what will make them buy from you?
  • Post-contact evaluation: performance review and how to do even better next time.
  • Detailed report: a summary of the essential information and advice you need to be your best with your international client.

Price: € 950.-- (ex. VAT). Vouchers and discounts are available. Contact us for details.
Duration: 2 X 45 min. coaching power sessions (pre- and post-event)
Location: face-to-face and/or online, depending on your location.

"Having our advisors well-informed about the country they're exhibiting at, and being able to interact effectively with the local business community, is essential to our mission in achieving our economic development goals. BRIL.Solutions has been a valuable partner in helping our advisors be prepared exactly when and how they need to be. Highly recommended!"

- Albert H., Senior Advisor, East Netherlands Development Agency

At BRIL.Solutions, we take bottom line results very seriously.

This is why our job is to make sure you have what it takes when you’re doing international business. Your personally tailored online International Sales Booster is a 45-minute powerhouse: it covers everything you MUST know before going to YOUR trade show, meeting, or other events away from home.

"My boss makes sure I’m prepared for all eventualities. Why get more coaching?" We hear you asking. Your supervisor ensures you’re well-versed on business as it should be done - which is great. But they have to keep an eye on things at home. The training they provide you may not prepare you to perform, let alone excel, in international environments.  This is why many of our clients have been sent to us by the same managers who provide the ‘usual’ training for people like you.

Employers and employees of successful and competent corporations, including established global businesses such as Nike, IKEA and Starbucks (see our portfolio page for more) have taken BRIL.Solutions’ training on how to boost performance in international markets.

They know that getting you trained by qualified professionals who focus only on international business, means that you will be more effective with your international client. Your personally tailored International Sales Booster session will greatly improve your results. This will also have a direct, positive impact on your company’s bottom line.

Your online International Sales Booster session will provide you with everything you need to know before you contact YOUR international clients.

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International Sales Booster process


Awareness phase
(selected clients and countries)
6 weeks prior to event
Kickoff pre-event:
- ‘5 Ws’ about the trade show
- What are the critical success factors?
- Role of the partner organization (when applicable)
- Importance of international sales skills
- How can coaching help improve my performance?
- Building your network


Intake phase
4 weeks prior to event
Are you ready for international business? readiness test

Brief intake interview:
- Describe the sales event
- What is your product/service?
- What is your USP?
- Who is your competition?
- Why international?
- What does your customer want?


Coaching session I
(Knowledge + skills phase)
2 week prior to event
Prep session:
- Targeting advice: how to find the right targets.
- Sales advice: how to approach the targets.
- Pitch analysis and practice sessions.
- Follow-up: plan NOW for proper follow-up. What is strategy/planning for after the event?
You will get a takeaway ‘cheat sheet’ including:
- Summary of session
- Your most effective pitch, tailored to your most likely target client
- Everything you need to know about the target, the venue and recommended strategy and techniques.


Event date
5 - 7 December 2017
PowerGen 2017


Coaching session II
(Follow-up and results phase)
< 1 week following event
Post-event evaluation:
- Debriefing interview: what went well, what needs work?
- Evaluation will be included in detailed report including best- and worst- practices across a broad range of industries.
- Advice for going forward: how to make your learning sustainable.
- 1 year access to online knowledge base and help desk re: international consultative selling.