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Over the years I have helped people of all ages, from students to executives, by focusing on their leadership and entrepreneurial skills.

Leo Salazar - Workplace English

But I've found that you can't lead if you can't communicate effectively, and in order to communicate effectively,  you need excellent language skills. If you have doubts about your English, people will often interpret that as you having doubts about your product, service or performance. If you have confidence in speaking English, your clients, co-workers and colleagues will have confidence in you.

That’s why I am offering to help people excel in communicating in Workplace English: to help them gain confidence and become better leaders, better entrepreneurs, and do better business.    

Whether you want to improve your: 

  • Public speaking, 
  • Management skills, 
  • Correct terminology for your industry, or 
  • General level of Workplace English communication, 

I can help you - no matter your current level of English.

As a result of taking workplace English lessons with me, you will

  • Gain respect
  • Gain power
  • Get results

Through my methods and your practice, you will be able to send a clear message to your business partners that you have a deep understanding of the underlying business dynamics, a clear strategic direction, and you are a reliable and trustworthy business partner.

Book a trial lesson with me and together we will tailor a custom plan to help you learn.